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Our spreads are delicious, healthy, gluten free and perfect for vegans.
We use fresh and seasonal ingredients only, carefully picked from our trusted farmers.
We put in every single jar the love for our land with a extra portion of taste.
Test it out on cakes, bruschette, appetizers and pasta!

Our special
selection for you

Gaeta Olives spread • Artichokes spread • Red Hot Pepper spread • Green Olives spread • Red Pesto spread (Dry Tomatoes, Basil and Garlic) • Artichokes and Pistachios spread • Artichokes and Almonds spread • Porcini Mashrooms spread • Turnip Greens spread • Chicory spread • Broccoli spread • Hot Gaeta Olives spread • Haba Nero Orange spread • Nuts spread • Lemon Olives spread • Olives and Oranges spread • Broccoli and Anchovies spread • Garlic, EVOO and Pepper spread • Olives and Tangerines spread

Red Onion jam • Apple, Roman Mint and Lemon jam • Red Hot Pepper jam